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About Us

Who is Simplicity Beverage Company?


The quest of implementing and sustaining a balanced lifestyle, which includes healthy choices along with room for occasional indulgences can be a daunting task.  Most people give little thought to what they drink as part of that balanced lifestyle. Simplicity Beverage Company was created to be an intersection of fun, fresh ingredient combinations without compromising flavor.  All Simplicity beverages are proud to be Vegan, sweetened with Organic Cane Sugar, and are free of artificial colors, flavors and gluten.

Simplicity Beverage Company also created Droplets of Knowledge™, which are printed on the front of each bottle. These are brief factoids about the potential benefits of the ingredients in that particular flavor.  The ability to make educated decisions about what is consumed and transparency is an essential part of Simplicity Beverage Company’s philosophy.  Head over to the Droplets of Knowledge™ page to pick up some information!


Our Mission

The tagline of Simplicity Beverage Company is "Clean Ingredients, Complex Flavors™".  This feeds directly into the mission of Simplicity Beverage Company which is to consistently curate flavorful, calorie-conscious beverage options that capture the senses with only the best that nature has to offer.  Our recipes are crafted for aroma, taste, and to gain full understanding of how the best ingredients are prepared and minimally altered for all to enjoy. Simplicity Beverage Company is excited about building lasting relationships serving the local and national community using environmentally sustainable practices that promote a positive social impact that is centered around genuine passion.

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