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Simple Gestures Initiative

The Simple Gestures Initiative was created by Simplicity Beverage Company to inform all who enjoy our beverage offerings of some of the actions our company has taken to keep our footprint on the environment as minimal as possible.



Simplicity Bottles Do Not Have  Labels

No label, no problem! It was an easy decision to print logo and product information directly onto the bottle, rather than use an adhesive or shrink-wrapped label.  This decreases post consumer plastic waste and eliminates the use of adhesives or use of electric/fossil fuel energy to apply a shrink wrap label to our bottles. 

Please Recycle

Simplicity Beverage bottles are made from PET plastic specifically designed for the High Pressure Processing, (HPP) process.  Our bottles and caps are 100% recyclable, and therefore can be upcycled into tote bags, furniture, carpet, paneling and polar fleece.


BPA-Free Bottles

Bottles made with Bisphenol-A (BPA) are more easily and readily recycled, allowing for fewer fossil fuels to be utilized in the recycling and upcycling process.  BPA free bottles also decreases bodily and environmental exposure to chemicals.

High Pressure Processing

The HPP Process is a cutting edge technology that uses only cold water and extreme water pressure.  There is no need for electricity and/or fossil fuels as the cold water is is never heated and eventually recycled for continuous usage.



Simplicity Beverage Company sends 100% of all by-products of our production process out for composting.  This allows for the replenishing of the soil by adding back nutrients and organic materials. 

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